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Lac Labelle Qc Fall 2020

Time for my favorite time of the year. The smells of the leaves are like perfume. also some

my makeshift studio
Sam's school project in grade 7
my curb score of skis
my nesting doll collection 
country notes 
chucks art work on top of the coat rack 

made by my friend Andrea years ago

random shots of indoors

one persons garbage is someone elses treasure

Here is a wonderful piece that I managed to save from landfill 

Free floating Butterfly 6"x6"x1.5" mini painting

This mini painting is an alcohol ink on yupo, mounted on birch panel and then resined with #Art_resin.The sides of this panel have relief with texture paste and then metallic paints added over.  The true color are gold and then randomly added blue turquoise metallic paints. 

this is what it looks like with the sun hitting it. It almost looks gold.  This is the relief on the side panel.

Heart to Hearts 2


Some new Alcohol painting going in my Etsy store

here is a new paintings going into my Etsy store.

Vintage Stamp carousels

I see these stamp carousels now and it brings me back to the time when we worked with just paper. There were so many stamps at that time for every different function indicating what was being done on the case. Everything from received to over due, past due out of order, requires attention, rush, priority, and many more depending on the industry you worked in. Most people would have their own set on their desk or if you worked with large amounts of paper, you most likely shared a carousel of stamps. Remember this was all pre computer when there was no way of simplifying the state that this piece of paper was in unless you hand wrote on the paper itself. It also made it easy for when more than one person was going to look at it. They would open the file and automatically know the status of the file. 
Here are a few that I have and the ones from Factory 20 is one that I am drooling over. I don't know why but I just love the industrial look. |Plus I use them in my art work.